Dysfunctions of a Team

One Day – 5 dysfunctions of a team, group dynamics and developing business responsiveness through agility Seminar.

Who should take this programme

This programme is useful to managers of all levels who are:

  • Managing complex stakeholders relationships
  • Interacting with key stakeholders
  • Required to manage key stakeholders
  • Responsible for collecting, collating, analysing and providing information to critical
  • Managers that are experiencing dysfunctions within the teams they manage such as;
  • Staff concealing weaknesses and mistakes
  • Hesitate to ask for help
  • Jump to conclusions about intentions and aptitudes of others without attempting to clarify them
  • Waste time and energies managing behaviours for effect
  • Hold Grudges
  • Dread meetings

Person specification

  • Team Leaders
  • First line managers
  • New managers
  • Potential managers
  • Project managers
  • Company Directors

No formal or previous qualifications are required for this programme. However, experience in working in a Director, management, Supervisory or Team leading capacity is an advantage.


Stakeholder Management:

Managers and organisations leaders have to manage complex relationships both within the organisation and with external stakeholders. A stakeholder is any person or group of people who have an interest in the business. Critically stakeholders will have varying degrees of power over the business and differing levels of interest. Business success is directly related to managers and business leaders ability to understand these complex relationships and define a strategy to map and manage the relationships to develop best effect.

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team:

This 5 Dysfunctions of a team module starts with the premise that teams are not working effectively due to many reasons. Following the outlining of key issues the programme goes on to look at various aspects that lead to the development of high performing teams. Understanding your organisations behaviours and attitudes, and group dynamics is the first step to the sense making process.


  • Defining stakeholders
  • Evaluating power, interest & attitudes
  • Developing Management Strategies to maximise and develop relationships
  • 5 Dysfunctions of a team
  • Organisational behaviour & Group dynamics
  • Managing Conflict
  • Working productively with colleagues and stakeholders

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