Problem Solving for Decisions

One Day Critical Thinking, Decision Making and Structured Reflection Seminar.

Who should take this programme

  • directly responsible for complex teams of staff
  • faced with significant and continuous unplanned emergent situations
  • required to make difficult decisions
  • receive little guidance from line managers
  • take responsibility for their own personal and professional skills development
  • want to understand the broad range of thinking skills available
  • have experienced situations that could have been more effectively handled
  • made incorrect decisions that could have been better with a little more cognition
  • have to take decisions without all the information available

Person specification

  • Team Leaders
  • First line managers
  • New managers
  • Potential managers
  • Project managers
  • Company Directors

No formal or previous qualifications are required for this programme. However, experience in working in a Director, management, Supervisory or Team leading capacity is an advantage.


Managers and organisation leaders operate independently of direct control, and as a result require the skills to operate in a non-directed environment. In order to ensure that managers reach their full potential it is imperative that they be given the skills to self-assess, and develop themselves personally.
Since no Manager can be trained on every eventuality, then it is critical they engage the techniques of experiential learning. We all do this to some degree quite naturally, but few of us actually apply the principles as regularly as we should.
Structured reflection is action learning, or if you prefer learning by experience. In order to help equip your staff with the ability to learn from their interaction with the teams and their wider role we include a session on structured reflection where we teach them techniques for their personal development.
We encourage the regular use of this technique in situations where team interactions and dynamics have been both sub optimal and on occasions when the team has performed beyond expectations.


  • Understanding personal learning in a management context
  • Becoming a reflective practitioner
  • Developing self-awareness
  • Thinking skills

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