Sales Training

Increasing Customer Growth and ROI

consider this service if

  • Need a better customer engagement and retention strategy
  • Struggle to keep customers
  • Are experiencing price squeeze
  • You are losing customers to competitors
  • You are experience increasing numbers of customer complaints
  • Customer sales are reducing
  • You are developing new sales people
  • You are extending existing sales team skills.


  • Developing a performance focused selling team
  • Creation of a customer centred organisation
  • Retain Customers
  • Enhanced Telesales performance
  • Win more business
  • Reduce complaints
  • Manage the competition
  • Enhance the staff relationships with customers
  • Understand stakeholder management
  • Implement change management project in customer relationships
  • Maintain margins

our unique value

  • Average over 12 years of Sales Training experience
  • Over 20 years in recruitment sales
  • We aim to deliver training that is mapped exactly to your sales delivery model
  • We align knowledge to core business processes and practices
  • We provide training at a level relevant to the existing experience of the team
  • We support the development of sales processes where gaps exist
  • We can provide marketing context to review existing sales strategy
  • Understand position and scope of customer experience
  • Focus on stakeholder mapping and management
  • Understanding of customer experience planning in value creation
  • We believe successful selling is best achieved through a consultative approach that develops relationships and long term sales relationships. However we understand that one time sales are an important strategy for many businesses to succeed.

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