Quality Management, Assurance and Improvement

Improve your process and performance

Consider this service if

  • Desire to improve your processes & performance
  • Need to identify and prioritize ways to improve and reduce costs
  • Are in a constant fire-fighting mode with inconsistent results
  • Want to implement Lean, 6 Sigma, or other industry best practices
  • Need to facilitate change or transformation
  • Want to identify & improve key metrics


  • Reduce costs & improve efficiency
  • Improve quality & consistency
  • Shorten cycle times
  • Increase customer satisfaction & effectiveness
  • Adopt a continuous improvement culture
  • Accurate client feedback
  • Achieve quality management standards
  • Understanding of customer experience

Our unique value

  • Focused Continuous Improvement activity
  • MBA’s with Over 15 years direct experience in industry
  • Thorough & fact-based process
  • Database of industry best practices
  • Self assessment diagnostic tools and analysis
  • Unbiased & independent
  • Practical & flexible
  • ISO9001:2008, ISO18001, TQM, Matrix, Investors in people, Common Inspection Framework experienced.
  • Effective Quality Management = Efficiency Savings + Productivity = Profit Maximisation

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