PULSE for High Value Sales Strategies

High value acquisitions have become an area that businesses have been forced to handle more effectively. A global recession has sharpened the minds of customers to the necessity and costs of doing business. The habits of customer buying behaviour in adversity and the lessons learned are not going to be quickly disregarded.

Price pressure, competition, benchmarking, procurement practices, incumbents, internal politics, and spending decisions signed off at board level, will continue to be the norm for buyers.

The PULSE High Value Sales Programme is a proven process and methodology that enables you to out-think, out-manoeuvre and out-sell the competition, and confront the challenges you now face.

Sales people should understand the psychology behind making a high value purchasing decision, the risk mind set, and have an appreciation of the relative stakeholder positions within the decision making unit.

Effective sales people know their competitive position and potential weaknesses or risks to the customer. They use the information to build an individualised solution that maximises the appropriate differentiators in the approach to the sale and in doing so eliminate or reduce customer concerns.

The most skilful sales people understand that each individual sale is an opportunity to establish relationships that will live on beyond this sales cycle and contribute towards influencing the next.

We help you to address issues like these:

  • “Procurement seems to be calling the tune and keeps telling us that the only differentiator is price.”
  • “We often lose a deal just when we think it is in the bag.”
  • “We can’t seem to get to the real decision makers”
  • We struggle to present a persuasive business case and value proposition”
  • “We don’t have a proactive win strategy that starts before the need is even evident and ends in a fully delivered customer engagement.”
  • “Even when we’ve shown that we understand customers’ needs, they still don’t always see us as the obvious supplier.”
  • “Our system is good at telling us where we are now, However, not what we should do next.”
  • “Our team finds it hard to describe real progress in the opportunity in a way that we can all understand, and use as a basis for forecasting.”
  • “We need to understand what the competitors are doing, and how the prospect thinks of us in relation to them.”

  By delivering:

Understanding of how people and organisations make major buying decisions. We show sales people how to gain effective engagement and negotiation strategies, how to improve the match between the service offer and the actual customer need, leading to the development of a winning business case.

Programme overview

This course is for individuals and/or teams that need the right mix of skills, processes and tools to win more major sales opportunities. The programme is built around a business simulation that recreates a competitive sales opportunity, where delegates compete to devise and execute strategies and tactics that win the deal. Ultimately as in life it is what the delegates do face-to-face that wins or loses them the business.

To give you:

  • Practical techniques with which to understand and influence the customer’s decision drivers: reinforcing the needs you can meet and redefining the ones you can’t
  • Understanding of competitor strategies and differentiators with the aim of maximising your USPs and diminishing their competitive edge
  • Loss reduction techniques at key stages of the sales cycle
  • Stakeholder mapping for the decision making Unit, showing who to speak with, in what order and about what issues
  • Effective project management of the sale with the means to record where you are in the opportunity, plan what to do next, and develop tactics to do it.


By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • create better access to the real decision makers
  • Better verbalise the value proposition and present a more effective business case
  • describe the psychology of customer needs
  • Understand the risk to customers of high value transactions
  • manage the decision making unit more effectively
  • demonstrate a proactive win strategy
  • be better prepared to handle the competition
  • describe their progress in the opportunity with clearer objectives around what to do next
  • handle and manage late-cycle concerns.


  • The psychology of complex buying behaviour and how it operates with the buying cycle
  • Stakeholder mapping of the decision making unit to ensure you talk with the right people, at the right time, about the right aspects to assure account entry.
  • How customers arrive at the decision making criteria they use and how to influence the criteria towards your differentiators.
  • The principles of competitive advantage and ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ differentiators that set buying criteria.
  • How to resolve customer concerns about risk to your advantage avoiding stalled sales and why selling skills don’t help you at this stage.

Methodology & practical issues

This 3 day programme for up to 12 delegates where we help them to apply the skills to a real opportunity they have brought with them. The sales team are given coaching to embed the PULSE high value sales techniques for real life applications.

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