Marketing Workshop

Sales and Marketing are two functions separated by a common goal.

“If marketing people even half understood what we salespeople are trying to do, then our website, brochures, blogs, advertising and media coverage would all be twice as good.” “Why do salespeople ignore the quality leads that we marketing people generate for them until long after they’ve gone cold?”

In many organisations, another word for the Sales/ marketing Interface is conflict. In other words, the two functions are misaligned. This workshop is about re-connecting the ways Sales and Marketing think about customers, so that they can act in harmony.

Alignment is critical to maximising the business impact of lasting behaviour change, and perhaps more importantly capitalising more effectively on the investment in both a sales and marketing infrastructure. ‘Training’, ‘Coaching’ and ‘Mentoring’ Maintaining are critical to successful collaboration.

We help you to address issues like these:

  • “Sales people complain that our marketing resources don’t work, so they either don’t use it or don’t use it as we intended.”
  • “Sales people continually fail to make the most of our brand”
  • “We are well differentiated in the market but our solutions as being rapidly commoditised by the customer.”
  • “Messaging that appears fine at a market level, seems to get diluted by the time it reaches customer level.”
  • “Sales people have different interpretations of our value proposition”.
  • “Our marketing materials only describe features i.e. what they ‘do’ but not what they ‘do for the customer’”
  • “Our best new products fail to achieve the post launch results expected of them.”

 By delivering: 

Knowledge and skills for marketing professionals especially; the terminology, and methodology to develop a synergy between the marketing effort and the processes that colleagues in the sales team will have been trained to use at a call execution level. The workshop enables Sales and Marketing to work cohesively together, providing consistent messages to both specific buyers, and the market place more widely.

To give you:

  • A consistent approach to marketing and sales with a common language for sales, marketing and clients.
  • Techniques for differentiation that go beyond the general market or segment level, to see what will really help you build product and brand value with your sales department.
  • Skills to construct valid arguments that are persuasive at market and client level.
  • practical steps in developing marketing collateral that has resonance with the way we teach sales people to sell
  • Improved impact on the customer and the success of the sales team
  • Understanding of where marketing activity fits in to the buyer’s decision cycle.

 Programme overview

These programmes are tailored to individual clients due to the diverse and dynamic nature of marketing and sales in the modern workplace. This design flexibility enables out trainers to match your business needs directly to the learning experience. We play close attention to your planned marketing strategies and campaigns. Our focus will match to your own organisation activity i.e. the level of use of social media, or the more traditional brochure and press release programmes.

The focus will be on understanding and applying S3 Socratic Selling Skills concepts to the marketing communications you generate, we offer practical best practice guidance and insights and how these may be integrated into your business. See the S3 Model for the questioning techniques model.


By the end of the programme, participants will:

  • understand the customers psychological processes when making major buying decisions and the implications for Sales and Marketing
  • conduct competitive analysis at a market and product level to leverage USPs and brand.
  • build a comprehensive persuasive case around the strongest differentiators
  • apply S3Socratic Skills based messages in a real case marketing environment
  • Understand how customer focused existing marketing examples are.


The Buying Cycle

  • The psychological phases of buyers when making significant buying decisions.
  • The S3 Selling Skills Model
  • How successful salespeople create the need for change then influence the customer’s perception of value for their solution.
  • The most persuasive way to talk about your solutions.

Decision Guideline analysis

  • Techniques that evaluate customer buying criteria and optimise your competitive position around your key differentiators.

Persuasive Case Analysis

  • Using S3 to reverse-engineer your products or services to arrive at the added value the customer will gain from your solution.

Customer concerns

  • Why they arise and how they block sales.
  • How the right marketing messages can pre-handle and neutralise them.

Product launches

  • Why perfectly good new products sometimes fail to achieve the post-launch results expected
  • How Marketing can position new products as problem solvers to prompt early adoption by customers and help the sales force make full and immediate use of their S3 Selling Skills 

Methodology & Practical Issues

This two-day workshop is facilitated by an MBA consultant for up to twelve delegates. Real case work is integral to the design and this would be identified, and teams allocated to cases, before the workshop starts.

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