Government Funding

Business boosts with government funding

consider this service if

  • Have staff development needs
  • Want to access funding to pay for learning
  • Looking at having an apprentices
  • Looking at developing formal internal training
  • Want staff competence to be increased
  • Need to develop a robust staff development policy
  • Are looking to achieve investors in people and want to look at support for training activity
  • Having problems with current training delivery
  • Want an assessment of your existing training arrangements
  • Need an impartial third party assessment of training


  • Access government funding to offset or increase staff training budgets
  • Evaluate current training activity to ensure value for money
  • Understand the funding arena and how much is available for staff development
  • Ensure that staff development meets your needs
  • Access apprenticeships and select the best new talent
  • Motivate staff through investment in their development
  • Increase staff retention through recognition and reward

our unique value

  • Accessing government funding for clients training activities since 1995
  • We are ‘plain speaking’ breaking down complex funding rules into simple language and steps to achievement
  • We have extensive links with funded training providers
  • We understand that the best management training provider is not necessarily the best construction or health care training provider. We ensure that you have as many (or as few) relationships as you want or need to provide the best training to each member of staff
  • We are able to negotiate Service Level Agreements to enable you to provide the training you need to your teams
  • We have experience in blending multiple funding steams into a single cohesive training development strategy
  • We understand the funding arena and help you make sense of the complexities of funding with plain speaking
  • Focus on ‘staff performance results’ as the key indicator of best practice training
  • We believe the best training relationships are those where a true partnership approach is taken forward

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