Consultative Selling Skills



The CONSULT consultative selling programme enables sales people to use a consultative, customer based approach even when their interaction time is limited. This programme improves conversion rates, revenue per sale (through add-ons and up-selling), and customer satisfaction.

We help you to address issues like these:

  • “To continue to grow as a business, we need to move our efforts from order takers to order makers.”
  • “Our people need more than basic ‘ask open questions’ training, even on the shortest calls.”
  • “Our sales people just push the technical specifications and products of our products, without explaining how we are different from our competitor’s products.”
  • “We need to get better at keeping prospects on the telephone – some of our sellers are too pushy and some are not pushy enough!”

Programme overview

The CONSULT Consultative Selling Skills programme is appropriate for sales people who sell products or services where one to three interactions are needed to secure a sale or where a buying decision is made by one or two decision makers.

This programme suits face-to-face and telephone based selling people. These can be operating in B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) environments. The common requirement is where the organisation needs to deploy a consultative sales approach that differentiates products and services from the competition, and is based fully on the customer need.

By delivering:

Essential skills that enable sellers to use a consultative approach with customers, whereby needs are identified and aligned with products and solutions that are effectively differentiated against those of the competition.

We use tools to plan effective sales activity. We measure seller behaviour against researched best practice. The sales people improve throughout the course. Further by using our innovative structured reflection techniques they will continue to develop their performance once back in their roles through experiential learning.

To give you:

  • Greater revenue with better margin
  • Lower cost of sale with resulting higher profits.
  • Increased conversion rates,
  • Increases in new business acquisition
  • Reduction in the length of sales cycles


By the end of the programme participants with have the ability to:

  • Identify where customers are in the decision process,
  • Respond and adapt approach according relative to decision process
  • Understand what motivates and stops customers making buying decisions
  • Use appropriate questions to identify customer needs
  • Identify the USPs and key differentiators for products and solutions
  • Be persuasive in describing solutions
  • Structure conversations effectively
  • plan and prioritise sales approaches
  • carry out effective opening statements on prospecting calls


  • The decision making process and why customers buy
  • Using competitive differentiation.
  • Personal presentation and representation
  • The ‘CONSULT Consultative Selling’ model:
    • Collating and prioritising prospects,
    • Organised call planning and persuasive outbound opening statements
    • Needs assessment and buying criteria through Socratic questioning techniques that align with differentiators
    • Solution presentation: Persuasive descriptions of how products / services meet customer needs
    • Understanding and overcoming objections
    • Leveraging high levels of commitment
    • Transition from sales to service delivery

Methodology & practical issues

The programme comprises input, exercises, discussions, role-plays and real world application. Delegates work in small groups and pairs to practise applying consultative selling behaviours, and analyse their own skills against a Consultative Selling behavioural framework.


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