Forklift Truck Training with Straplan

Straplan Ltd is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer an accrediting Forklift truck training programme. The programme is with the RTITB forklift truck operator training scheme. This will complement our existing City and Guilds Certificate in Forklift Operations.

RTITB Accredited Forklift Truck Training
While RTITB licensing is not a mandatory requirement for forklift truck training, Straplan recognise that many organisations recognise the brand and have a preference for the RTITB training and the associated NORS registration scheme

For organisations that meet the eligibility requirements of the European Social Fund (ESF) ‘Skills Support for the Workforce’ programme, we can secure funding for up to 100% of the training costs for the City and Guilds Certificate in Forklift Operations level 2

Fork Lift Truck Training Programme
Blended Programme
Our provider has recently developed a blended programme that incorporates the City and Guilds Certificate in fork lift truck operations and the RTITB Basic operator course to give you the best of both worlds. Access to the ESF funding, and the recognition of the RTITB brand.

The ESF Delivery Model
The forklift truck training programme below is a typical programme delivery model. Programmes vary based on the specific requirements of the organisation. It should be noted that the course structure may vary/ reduce for existing experienced operators.

About the Blended Course
Days 4 – 8 will be the RTITB Accredited delivery, this component of training will be delivered on a maximum 3:1:1 ratio. An additional mop up day may be required should an additional observation be necessary.

To find out if you can benefit from Funding Call now on 01773 25 25 25 or email

The registration fee for the blended course includes, registration, examination, double certification and Registration with the National Operator Registration Scheme (NORS).

City and Guilds Certificate in Forklift Truck Operations
City and Guilds recently introduced a level 2 qualification in forklift truck operations targeted at new novice operators, people who are experienced but unlicenced, and people who require refresher training. The 80 Guided Learning hour programme, incorporates all the aspects of the RTITB accredited programme training syllabus, but has a different assessment mechanism.

The City and Guilds Programme additionally offers more extensive coverage of underpinning principles and practices’ knowledge. dom information . A key feature is a more detailed look at the Health and Safety around forklift operations. There is also a competency element not normally associated with other branded courses. This programme is suitable as a stand alone qualification and does not require the completion of the RTITB or ITSSAR accredited assessment to meet the HSE requirements for Rider operated Lift Trucks Approved Codes of Practices L117 and HSG6.

Accredited Forklift Truck Training by Straplan

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