AEB procurement ESFA looking for “less more quality bids”

During last week’s webinar the ESFA hinted that the number of national contracts awarded through the 2021 National AEB procurement could be reduced minimising its contracts directly managed by them.

The ITT is set to be launched in the first week of February 2021 and have a deadline of the middle of March giving applicants six weeks to prepare its submissions. The ESFA gave indications that it is expected to look similar to the 2017 programme (hopefully without the drama!) but with a few notable differences:

  • Traineeships & community learning will not be included.
  • A new adult provision will help adults without a full qualification at L3 gain in-demand skills to open up further job opportunities.  Open to 24+years for over 400 fully funded L3 courses.  Funding will come from the NSF National Skills Fund.

Straplan expect a very high number of applicants for this competition. It has never been so important to receive the best advice, support & professional assistance in completing your application. Straplan are the UK number 1 for AEB applications & has helped hundreds of providers across the country for over 30 years.

If you would like to chat through your options of how Straplan can help you from start to finish ahead of the publication of the ESFA documents please call Stuart on 07739 526500 or email